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Forbes   » Member Profile » Jean Claude Chalhoub

The great success gained in his professional life are owed to the priceless understanding gathered early on in his career. His position as an everyday member of staff adequately prepared him as a director to manage the business in a way that no one else was able to. jean claude Chalhoub (Forbes) observed the operations of the organisation and the management abilities of his father on a daily basis. Jean Claude Chalhoub entered the family business as an employee after finishing his learning in France.

Jean Claude Chalhoub had the luxury of being brought into the world with a family that had a respectable corporate and cultural background. His family business was expanded to incorporate Asia, Europe, America and Africa. He has had the capacity to conduct business much more aggressively in global markets and industries as a result of solid business footings. In view of the running start his childhood gave him, Jean Claude Chalhoub is fully equipped to manage all elements found in the corporate environment.

He created and established a number of different chains of the business, excluding the group. His superb leadership expertise and his achievements in driving development herald the lasting success of the organisation. After proving his value through learning about every aspect of the organisation, Jean Claude Chalhoub got chosen by his father to join management. Jean Claude Chalhoub’s movement to his next role was nicely timed; it made it possible for him to start off with an already internationally established company.

Jean Claude Chalhoub's Hobbies

Horse racing is another of Jean Claude Chalhoub's interests. To such an extent that, in order to further indulge his passion, he bought a horse, which competes in competitions worldwide. He is an individual with many different passions outside of his working life. Another of his interests is sailing. He is the owner of his own boats that he frequently sails, most commonly on the open sea. Horse racing, ocean sailing and travelling the globe can be listed as just a few among Jean Claude Chalhoub’s numerous pastimes and non-professional pursuits.

The Personal Skills of Jean Claude Chalhoub

Jean Claude Chalhoub's many personal talents are remarkable. He is a young entrepreneur whose core professional knowledge lies in the insurance and reinsurance market. It is of course of advantage to him being able to interact in several different languages, causing it to be so much quicker for him to understand the complexities of the disparate markets that his business operates in. His specific qualities make him the ideal head of his father's and family's business. Jean Claude Chalhoub is endowed with spectacular communications skills; these enable him to establish a great degree of trust amongst the individuals with whom he interacts.

Great customer relationships, alongside understanding, are a couple of important things that he is fit to offer because of his language competence and education. By connecting with the countless holidaymakers travelling to his birth country, Jean Claude Chalhoub has learnt to gain respect for myriad unique cultures. Starting his academic career in Egypt, he later relocated to France to begin his bachelor's degree in economics. From an early age, Jean Claude Chalhoub started his studies in his hometown, being taught by his parents and influenced by the country in which he lived.


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